Graduation Project

My graduation project involved the design of a new product for Joolz. The results of the project are confidential.


Subsea Saw



Commissioned by Seatools, this assignment involved the design of the buoyancy packs (large pieces of foam that effectuate neutral buoyancy) of a novel deep sea saw. Despite the tight deadline, I was thrilled to work on this spectacular piece of equipment.



Commuters’ car

My very first attempt at automotive design. Executed in collaboration with Thomas Houwers, this project originated from our shared curiosity for car design and our goal to visualize the fuzzy front end of the design (styling) process. At the beginning of the project, we created project descriptions for each other with the assignment to design a small electric commuters car for a specific brand.

We followed the exact same design process throughout the entire project, using specific associative and time-constrained exercises. The results were presented in a large banner that shows both design processes in a chronological order. Click on the image below to check it out.



watch #2

Part of the course Graphic Language of Products, this watch is the result of an attempt to translate the values of an existing brand (in this case a car brand) to a product in a totally different product group. This was done by analyzing the existing brand using a number of tools and theories.

Different aspects like brand history and portfolio, brand identity and brand image, 3d and 2d stylistic elements, implicit and explicit values were all mapped to constitute a complete overview of the entire brand. Finally, all this information was concentrated in the design of a wristwatch.

To get a good grip on the brands’ style, the design process was executed threefold. First starting with a blank, standard wristwatch, only graphic elements were used to express the style of the brand. Then a new design was made, now also using so-called 2,5D elements (‘extruded’ 2d, with minimal variations in the overall shape). Finally, an all-new watch was designed, using elements from the earlier exercises.

Future of healthcare

Can we predict the future? And how can companies use future forecasts to their benefit? This project involves a study of the future of healthcare. Through using a variety of methods and trend analyses, three scenarios were created to outline the range of situations that could possibly exist in the year 2040.

Based on the uncertainty/importance ratio, one of these scenarios was selected to serve as an environment for a new product design for a large company, in our case Google. This led to the question: “What could be an interesting product for Google in the European preventive health care market, based on current trends in preventive healthcare?”



Extrapolating on trends in preventive healthcare and nanotechnology, we designed a system in which Google provides the technology to manage the health of an individual. A series of products will mediate between this system and the actual medical technology. In other words, Google would play an important role in making technology visible and useable.

To materialize this management system (baptized Google Iris) two products were conceptualized, knowing a smart wristband and a medicine vending machine. The actual use of these producs is demonstrated in a short film that shows a day in the life of a future Google Iris user.

Executed in  relation to the course Create the Future  (2012)

In collaboration with Gerrit Witteveen and Bas Snippert


Sanding machine

The design of a sanding machine in relation to the course Evolutionary Product Design. After having perfomed a historical analysis of the product group in a preceding course, the assignment was to extrapolate on the evolution of sanding machines focusing on a specific brand, in this case Skil.

The result is a battery-powered multi sander with a fresh design. Not a revolutionary design, but an evolution that is distinctive enough to represent the new generation of Skil sanding machines.



A redesign of one of VacuVin’s cooling carafes. The goal of this redesign was to reshape the carafe, giving it a warm and intimate look.



A project on innovation strategies, executed in collaboration with Bas Snippert. The goal was to use innovation models like TRIZ and DIM to come up with a new product, fitting in the environment of a sustainable highway.

The result is a self supporting, solar powered and modular road lighting system. The units communicate reciprocally and can provide local lighting as well as intuitive road signaling.




A series of constuction visualisations commisioned by flue systems manufacturer Ontop, for use in their product brochures and on their website. The visualisations are used to demonstrate the construction possibilities of their  wide range of prefabricated modular flue systems.


Surfers’ watch

This design is the result of one of the first individual projects, shortly after I started studying Product Design. It involves a relatively short assignment for designing a surfer’s watch, intended for a very specific target group.

The design uses stylistic elements borrowed from surfboards, and only displays the time left to sunset combined with tide prediction.


  • Graduation Project

    Graduation Project

  • Subsea Saw

    Subsea Saw

  • Commuters’ car

    Commuters’ car

  • watch #2

    watch #2

  • Future of healthcare

    Future of healthcare

  • Sanding machine

    Sanding machine

  • VacuVin


  • Animus


  • Chimneys


  • Surfers’ watch

    Surfers’ watch



icon_ideation_small_greyDESIGN MANAGEMENT

As an Industrial Designer, I can manage the creative process that goes along with developing your product. I can think on a conceptual level and I can help you plan and execute the development of your product.





Being both an Industrial Designer and a Mechanical Engineer, I can provide solutions on both levels. I can communicate with technical staff and I have insight into technical possibilities and limitations. I have knowledge of production techniques and materials and can help you with materializing your product.

icon_sketching_small_greyDESIGN AND STYLING

Skills like (digital) sketching, modeling and rendering enable me to Design and Style your product to fit your brand image and appeal to your target group. I can provide visual representations to showcase your product in an appealing way.
















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